How To Take Care Of Eye Styes


When you get a stye in your eye, sometimes it is nothing to worry about. Other times, though, you need to get professional help to clear it up. For styes that are not serious, the doctor will prescribe you an eye ointment for styes. More serious cases will need a surgical procedure. This procedure involves the optometrists cutting the eyelid and allowing the pus to drain from the stye.

How Do You Avoid Getting A Stye?

In order to prevent getting a stye altogether, you need to ensure that you are washing your hands and face thoroughly. Another daily practice you can do is wiping your eyelids with warm water each morning and at night before you go to bed. Avoid sharing any cosmetics such as makeup brushes or anything that has the ability to touch your eyes or face. Styes can reoccur after some time even after you have had surgery to drain them, so it is important to watch what goes on your face and eyes.


Having a stye can be irksome but they are very treatable. With the right care of yourself, you can prevent them and stop them from coming back.